Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to install Guest Additions on Ubuntu in VirtualBox

Installing guest addition in VirtualBox Ubuntu will provide you some additional features like switching between guest and host OS, automatic resizing of windows when you resize the VirtualBox window and enabling copy-paste between the host and guest Operating System. VirtualBox Guest Additions consists of various device drivers and system applications which optimize the operating system use in a virtual environment. I always recommend installing guest addition in the beginning itself if you are installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox.  

Guest Additions features 

Mouse point integration : It provides a seamless mouse support. There is only one mouse pointer on your screen and it works as per the window you are hovering in. You do not need to press Host key for the guest OS to capture Mouse Pointer. 

Shared Folders sharing : It helps in sharing files and folders between the guest and host operating system. VirtualBox can be set up to treat a folder as a shared folder and the guest OS can access it. 

Better Video Support : Guest Additions includes some custom video drivers to provide non-standard video modes and an accelerated video performance. The screen can be resized when you resize the VirtualBox.

Seamless Windows : The individual windows that are within the virtual machine can be mapped to host's desktop as if it was running on the host. 

Time sync : The virtual machine clock will remain in sync to the host OS.

Copy/Paste between Guest and Host OS : Installing Guest Additions allows to share the clipboard between the guest and host OS, means you can copy paste interchangeably between the virtual box and the main OS you are running. Sometimes, this is needed when you want to copy a URL from the main OS to the virtual box. 

Installing Guest Additions 

Method 1:

To install guest addition in Ubuntu, open VirtualBox and start the Ubuntu Machine. Under the Device Menu, select Install Guest Additions. This will mount the Guest Additions ISO and installs the guest additions in your Ubuntu. 

Method 2:

If you want to install Guest Addition in Ubuntu through Terminal, open it and type in the following command to install it. 

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils

This will install Guest Additions for your VirtualBox Ubuntu. If you are facing the issue : Could not insert Virtual Box guest addition disk image, check here.

Let me know in the comments if you face any issue while installing Guest Additions. 

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