Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to install Atom text editor in Ubuntu

Atom is a cross platform open source text editor for Linux, Windows and OS X. Atom text editor comes with a built-in package manager to search and install new packages, auto-complete features, file system browsing facility, multiple tabs and several other functions. It comes with 4 default themes and third party themes developed by Atom community can be installed if you are not satisfied with them. With a lot of customization features, Atom text editor has gained quite a popularity in the Linux world.goo

In this article, we will see how to install Atom text editor in Ubuntu. I am using Ubuntu 17.04 and the steps for other versions would be same. 

Steps to install Atom text editor in Ubuntu

Method 1 : Through the official repo

Ubuntu Software Center comes well equipped with lots of software and Atom is listed there. This should be the default way of installing Atom text editor, ensuring all the dependencies are installed and nothing goes wrong. 

Open Ubuntu Software and search for Atom. Click on install and the package will be downloaded and installed in your Ubuntu system. 

Method 2 : Through Terminal

Most of us loves the Terminal. If you want to install Atom through the command line, open Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T, or through the dash, and type in the following command : 

sudo snap install atom --classic

This will download the snap package and install it. Snap packages are similar to containers and with a .snap extension, it includes all the required libraries needed for the application. Once downloaded and installed, you can start by searching from Dash. If you are installing a snap package for the very first time, you will need to restart your system before you can search it. I wasted some minute figuring out why it's not showing in the search box [sigh].

In case you are already running an Atom Text Editor, and there is a new update; you can update it by typing the following command :

sudo snap refresh atom 

In case you want to remove Atom text editor at some point of time, this command will help you. 

sudo snap remove atom 

Hope these steps help you in installing Atom text editor in your Ubuntu system. Let me know in the comments if you face any issue. 


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