Sunday, 28 May 2017

Fix : Ubuntu software center not working

I had installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 17.04 and opened the Ubuntu Software Center to install an application. The Ubuntu Software Center was not working and it kept on loading things forever. It seems like the Ubuntu Software needs to update a large database upon the start and the update never finishes. If you are facing the same problem of Ubuntu Software Center not working, you can follow any of the below two methods to fix it. 

These are the screenshots of Ubuntu Software not working. In the first screen I tried searching for VLC and it kept on loading. Second screenshot is the default screen but in the Editor's pick, no software is seen. When I tried opening a Category, the same thing happened. 

Ubuntu Software Center issue

Ubuntu Software Center issue

Now, let us see how we can fix this error. 

Fixing Ubuntu Software Center 

Open terminal and type the below commands :

killall gnome-software

This will kill all the processes that are running for gnome software center. Now remove the file gnome-software file from the location ~/.local/share/gnome-software.

rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-software

You can also move it to some other location or rename it if you don't believe in deleting things.Now, open Ubuntu Software from the launcher and it will work fine.

Another approach is to re-install gnome-software. Open terminal and the below commands will reinstall gnome-software.

sudo apt-get autoremove gnome-software
sudo apt-get install gnome-software

After fixing it, your Software Center should work perfect.

Ubuntu Software Center
Ubuntu Software Center

Let me know in the comments if you still face the issue. 


  1. thank you very much!!!
    I needed it

  2. Thank you very much for your help.
    It works for me.

  3. thank you very much for easy help

    Nadeer - Khalifa Port

  4. The store clerk where the software was purchased should be more than willing to help. There are countless resources online that can teach a newbie how to install software. OceanOfGames

  5. Sorry mine is still Stuck.Still whenever i click any app in the store it just keeps loading.

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