Saturday, 6 May 2017

Fix : Could not insert the VirtualBox Guest Additions disk image

Sometimes, when you set up Ubuntu in a Virtualbox and try to install Guest Additions, the Virtualbox throws you an error: Could not insert the VirtualBox Guest Additions disk image file into the virtual machine Ubuntu1704, as the machine has no optical drives. Please add a drive using the storage page of the virtual machine settings window.

You can either add a drive or install Guest Additions from the Terminal to fix this error for your VirtualBox running Ubuntu. Lets check both the ways. 

Adding a drive

Open VirtualBox and click on Settings. Click on the CD icon with a plus sign under Controller : IDE under Storage. The dialogue box will ask you to add a new optical drive to controller IDE and will ask you to either leave empty or choose a disk. As of now, leave it empty. 

Now start the Virtual Machine. Under Devices Menu, select Insert Guest Addition CD image. You will get a warning message for the automatic start up of this service. 

Click on Run and enter the root password in the next screen. A terminal will open which will show the installation progress. Once the installation completes, Terminal will notify and press enter to exit the installation part. You have the Guest Additions set up done now. 

Using the Terminal to by-pass Could not insert the VirtualBox Guest Additions error 

Open Terminal and type the following command to install the guest addition.  

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils

This will install the guest additions for your Ubuntu VirtualBox. This step doesn't need setting up an optical drive and is the most recommended one. There is no glitches and it will fix the error almost all the time for Ubuntu. Installing Guest Additions is among the first few tasks if you set up Ubuntu in a VirtualBox. It allows you to resize your screen when you resize the VirtualBox window, allows copy-paste between the guest and host OS and switching between the guest and host operating system is seamless. 

Let me know in the comments if the above steps fixed the issue. 


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