Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Canonical wins the award for Convergence

Convergence was an idea from Canonical where it tried to create a single software platform that runs for Smartphones, Tablets and PCs. Though, there were some Ubuntu Phones launched supporting convergence, they didn't really pick up the pace. Microsoft tried the same thing through Continuum but then again, the failing of Windows Phone platform didn't help it either. However, in an attempt to create an OS than can serve many devices be it a handheld or a desktop, Canonical wins the race from Microsoft.

In the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2017, Canonical has been awarded the Orange Outstanding Achievement award for the conveged computing and digital openness. The Orange Device Partner Awards recognises the contribution in smartphone revolution and has awarded it to the Canonical this year.

In a blog post, Canonical announced the award :

Canonical announced today it was awarded the Orange Outstanding achievement for converged computing & digital openness at the Orange Device Partner Awards ceremony. With 25 awards over four categories, the Orange Device Partner Awards celebrates the 10th anniversary of the smartphone and aims to recognize individuals and organisations across the telecoms industry that have contributed to the smartphone revolution.

Since there isn't anything new in the Ubuntu Phone section these days, and neither we are going to see a new Smartphone running Ubuntu, it will take some more time before we can judge if Convergence is a great thing! If you want to see how convergence works, watch the below video:

As an Ubuntu lover, I am very much hopeful that Canonical comes up with some more smartphones and a better app section. Things like convergence only matters if your smartphone can work the basic things. What do you think, is this gonna work as a motivation to Canonical to pace things up? Let us know in the comments.


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