Friday, 2 September 2016

Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 to release on September 13

It's been quite some time when Canonical rolled out Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 and the development has progressed for the next rollout. From Softpedia :  we got to know the roll out date for Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 will be September 14. The OTA-13 is in Final Freeze, that means there won't be any new features added but their will improvements and fixes to the build. Sort of polishing the OS before delivering it to the end user. 

Ubuntu Touch on OnePlus
Ubuntu Touch on OnePlus

There will be Unity 8 Interface Optimizations and Support for Android 6.0 BSP (Board support package) and new poser manager for a better battery life. Also, one of the important features which Ubuntu Touch lacked was a copy paste feature. Almost everyone with a Ubuntu Phone in hand complained about it, and with OTA-13, you can copy paste data and texts within apps too. 

The update had been delayed when it was decided not to roll it out to end user on September 01, and again on September 07 citing more development and polishing. 

Ubuntu Phones are conceptually awesome and there has been many Ubuntu Phones launched but non of them has really taken off - precisely because the Ubuntu Touch is still in development stage.

We are hoping a good and complete OS in coming days, where I can ditch an Android and switch completely to Ubuntu Phone without any hassle.


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