Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ubuntu Touch OTA 13 Rolled Out

Canonical has announced the roll out of Ubuntu Touch Over-The-Air 13 update to Ubuntu powered phones and tablets. There is a new notifications panel, language keyboards and bug fixes. The one thing which every Ubuntu Phone user complained about was the absence of Copy/Paste which has now been added. The notifications panel features per-app setting for sound, vibrate and message bubbles. Keyboard indicator has been added and the App updates show version changes for available updates / recently installed updates. 

Ubuntu Touch Over-The-Air 13 update includes improved screen management and proximity detection logic, legacy application copy/paste support, hardware keyboard selections added, support for multiple-calendar syncs and improved Emoji keyboard. 

The major bug fixes includes fixes for bluetooth pairing in cars, connection issue to WiFi with long passwords, camera orientation fixes and vibration settings, application start up fixes and improvements etc. 

You can check the complete release notes here : OTA 13 Release Notes 

The Over-The-Air 13 is supported by the following devices : 

  • BQ Aquaris E4.5
  • BQ Aquaris E5
  • BQ Aquaris M10 / HD
  • Meizu MX4
  • Meizu PRO 5

Also Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

If you have still not received the update, you will receive by Wednesday, September 21 by latest. 


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