Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 rolled out, supports Convergence over wireless display

Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 rolled out
Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 rolled out

Here's the good news for Ubuntu Phone lovers. The Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 has been rolled out on June 01, 2016 and the major update now supports the Convergence over the wireless displays. That means, if you had got a Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition and was not able to the enjoy the unique selling feature of Ubuntu Touch i.e. Convergence due to the lack of a HDMI port, you can now fully Converge your Ubuntu device to a portable desktop just through a wireless dongle. Canonical also confirmed there is substantial improvement in terms of speed, Bluetooth connectivity, and smoother scrolling. 

FYI : Convergence is a feature from Canonical where your Ubuntu Powered smartphone will work as a full-fledged desktop once it's connected to an external display and a mouse and keyboard. The benefit of Convergence over Microsoft's Continuum is that it do not needs a separate 100$ device to support the feature, and works for all apps and not some selected ones. You can watch a video : Ubuntu touch and convergence [video]

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition was the latest smartphone launched running on Ubuntu Touch fuelled with a compelling hardware. Though, it's one of the leading handset when you go by specifications, it lacked the Convergence support due to the unavailability of micro HDMI port. Now with OTA-11 update and wireless support, it do not needs a port. The wireless display features uses Miracast.

There are other several bug fixes which includes fixed missing translations in language packs, performance issues fixes and setting customized notifications sounds fixes. 

The important feature that has been rolled out through this major OTA-11 update includes : 

  • Fusion provider for improved positioning in location service
  • New upstream version of Network Manager: 1.2
  • Wireless display support (aethercast) - Meizu Pro 5 only currently
  • Dynamic Grid Unit support (DGU)
  • Support for multiple application windows
  • Shell rotation
  • Pre-loading the home-scope on boot
  • Scroll-bar visual update in the UITK, support for subtitles in header
  • Traditional Chinese support in the ubuntu-keyboard (libchewing)
  • Username and password authentication in VPN
  • Multiple improvements in webbrowser-app: working google hangouts on all form-factors, redesigned media permission request dialog, proper handling of window-level keyboard shortcuts
Shell rotation means the handset can now be used in landscape mode allowing more flexibility to use device as per your preference. Multiple application windows support is also an important feature that has been added. 

The update can be summed up to a support for Wireless display, which comes as a delight for Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition users, smoother scrolling for dash and apps, better mouse responsiveness using Bluetooth, faster and smoother graphics and automatic scaling for external monitors.

The OTA-11 update is supported for BQ Aquaris E4.5/5, Aquaris M10 tablet, and Meizu MX and Pro 5 Ubuntu Phones. 

Do you thing Canonical's try to make a place for itself in the already dominated Android/iOS era will be successful? Tell you in the comments.

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