Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Another Ubuntu Phone codenamed Midori leaked

Ubuntu devices
Ubuntu devices

If you go by the rumor and the updates from OMG Ubuntu, Canonical is working on another Ubuntu Phone code named Midori. A recent entry in launchpad - Ubuntu's bug tracking page has a probable device named Midori and the fact that it's another character from Anime Series Dragon Ball is backing up the claim. To those who don't know, all the Ubuntu Phones released till now has code names derived from Dragon Ball series. 

The page has one entry : 

Changed in arale:
status:New → Confirmed
Changed in midori:
status:New → Confirmed

where Arale is Meizu MX 4 and Midori is speculated to be the new handset. 

Canonical has partnered with Meizu has launched a high-spec Ubuntu device. Also, they are working on improving the OS and has rolled out the OTA-11 updates for the Ubuntu devices that made Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition eligible for Convergence. 

This news of a new Ubuntu handset really comes as a surprize since the last handset didn't create much of the hype although it was having one of the best specifications in the market. There is no confirmation / rumor about the hardware specs of this new device and neither we are sure if it's going to launched. 

So as of now, take this news with a pinch of salt. We will update once we get any confirmation!


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