Thursday, 10 March 2016

OnePlus one gets Ubuntu OS, announced through Google+

The OnePlus official Google+ page announced the Ubuntu for OnePlus One. So, if you are an owner of a OnePlus One and want to ride through Ubuntu OS, you don't need to buy a Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition in order to do that. 

OnePlus One Ubuntu Edition
OnePlus One running Ubuntu OS

OnePlus has always been inclined towards the open source community and has now partnered with Canonical to deliver a Ubuntu OS ROM that can be flashed on OnePlus One. In the announcement on it's forum, OnePlus team also confirmed that Ubuntu OS ROM for OnePlus X is under process and will soon be delivered to the smartphone owners. 

Flashers, hold onto your hats! We’re happy to be partnering with our friends over at Canonical and the open source community to announce that the OnePlus One is joining the Ubuntu family. - said OnePlus staff member on the Forum. 

OnePlus do not miss a chance to show its commitment towards keeping all devices as open as possible and marks this port as one of the steps. It also warns that the Ubuntu release for OnePlus One is a work in progress and shouldn't be taken as a full functional OS as of now. Just to warn you, if you flash your OnePlus One with Ubuntu OS, you might not be able to use Camera, GPS and Bluetooth on your handset.

Canonical has partnered with some of the Chinese manufacturers like BQ and Meizu to launch Ubuntu Phones and this port to an existing device that runs Android is a step ahead. We may see in future some more devices supported from Canonical and a more dependable and furnished Ubuntu OS version. 

What's my word? If you own a OnePlus One but have upgraded to some other device, do not miss the chance of trying Ubuntu OS. Perhaps, Ubuntu OS might one day rule the smartphone section [I know that's very high optimism, but that's me :)].


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